Crawl Space Liner – An Effective Moisture Vapor Barrier for Columbus and Central Ohio Homes

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Many central Ohio homeowners are perplexed as to why their sheet plastic covered dirt crawl space smells nasty, and contents there get ruined.

Crawl space vapor barrier All American Crawl Space Repair Contractor Columbus The answer is many Columbus area builders simply use the cheapest (yes cheapest not inexpensive) plastic sheeting they can find. It is not meant to be a vapor barrier and quickly decays and tears. Plus that sheet isn’t secured to the walls, still allowing destructive moisture into the crawl space. This sets up the conditions for odors, mold and mildews to thrive. We are the right contractor for the job.

We use the proper material to fix your dirt crawl space. No stop gap measures here. Our repair professionals use a purpose built, heavy duty quilted 20mil think liner. It is very heavy duty and made in America. Most companies use a cheaper, thinner, less strong liner.

Our liner easily withstand life on top of a stone bed, in addition to the 20 mil thickness, it is internally quilted for extra strength and durability. This is specialty material not available at home improvement box stores or handymen. It will give you a lifetime of protection from odors and rot. Get a free written estimate here.

Important Benefits of Our Crawl Space Encapsulation

basement encapsulation installOur encapsulation method encases your crawl space with a special vapor barrier, closes all crawl space vents and treats the humidity in crawl space. This method is recommended by industry experts, engineers and government agencies for improving environmental safety and energy efficiency and supported by Department of Energy energy efficiency research. The vapor barrier is a durable multi-layered liner material installed across floors, walls, and around pipes, keeping the crawl space between 50% and 55% humidity.

We recommend the crawl space vapor barrier as the best solution in the industry to prevent moisture problems and improve the environment of your crawl space. Our clients see positive results with the installation of the crawl space encapsulation system immediately, including improved air quality, temperature regulation, energy efficiency and the reduction of structural problems caused by wood rot and water damage.

Quick Expert Crawl Space Repair

Encapsulated vapor barrier crawl space contractor Columbus Ohi

Now this crawl space has dry, safe storage space!

Once personal items and debris are removed, the liner is installed from the top of the wall down to cover the entire wall. Then the liner is spread across the floor and sealed to the wall isolating your crawl space from the elements, and creating a moisture barrier strong enough to walk or crawl on. Once the liner is installed, spray foam insulation is installed above the wall between the floor joists aiding in the process of isolating the crawl space from moisture, and cold air.