Spray Foam Crawl Space Insulation

Special closed cell spray foam insulation cures hard and prevents expensive air infiltration in Columbus and Ohio homes

As part of the encapsulation process we often recommend installing spray foam insulation in Columbus area homes. Why? It’s is a vital part of the air sealing process. Traditional pink fiberglass insulation is not an air barrier. It was never designed to be. If you already have pink insulation in the top joist area, pull some out. Is it dark with dirt? Moldy? Wet? You might have damaging air infiltration. Those are alarming conditions warranting professional inspection. Our spray foam insulation is installed in the cove area where the foundation meets the first floor.

Our modern closed cell spray foam insulation will not decay or wear out. It won’t support mold growth like old fashioned pink fiberglass insulation.

Keeping the unconditioned air outside and the expensive, treated indoor air inside is part of the improvement process. Our closed cell spray foam insulation cures hard and doesn’t absorb moisture. It serves as a thermal barrier, saving you money on costly heating and air conditioning bill. Plus it stops air flow through the crawl, fills in minor gaps and helps keep bugs and rodents out.