Vented crawl spaces are bad for Columbus, Westerville, Dublin, Delaware crawl spaces

But my crawl space is already vented and has sheet plastic in it!

Wet moldy ohio crawl spaceBack in the stone age of crawl space science builders thought the proper way to construct a safe crawl space was to install vents in the walls of the crawl, under the false assumption what a breeze would naturally occur, and keep it vented and dry. Maybe add in some cheap sheet plastic of the dirt or rocks. Unfortunately, for many crawls, that was just a dream. If a breeze did actually occur, many times all it did was introduce new, very humid air into the crawl. Then the moisture settle out of the air, into the crawl, setting up the perfect situation for odors, mold and pests to flourish.

Modern building and repair has shown the best way to manage a crawl space is to seal off the vents and then encapsulated it, making it part of the house instead of part of the earth. By using a specialized liner the nasty cycles of the dirt (dampness, swampiest), invasion of critters and pests and mildews are stopped.

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Why aren’t homes built with sealed, encapsulated crawl spaces using a vapor barrier?

Columbus ohio with leaks and cheap linerUnfortunately builders often do what they’ve always done. It gets the house sold. People may pay extra for a fancy counter or other things they can see, but most don’t even thing about the crawl until it creates problems. Then they ask questions.

Crawl space science is a relatively new trade it the construction world. Our industry’s understanding of wet crawl spaces has exploded in the last 10 years. Now we know what causes the problems, and how to fix them the right way, the first time.